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"The Secondary Series"


The Original Hot Yoga Beginners Sequence comes from a greater collection of postures called the "84 Asanas" or commonly "Advanced Class".  As the name implies, many of the postures therein are highly technical and difficult to achieve.

In 2016, YF founder Zeb Homison created the Intermediate Hot Yoga Sequence as a way to bridge the gap between the Beginner Sequence and the more advanced.  This series is a great way to challenge your self in your hot yoga practice.  It will build on the foundation of the 26&2 and inform you where you can start to take your practice from there!

This practice is performed in a room heated to over 100 degrees.  We recommend having a strong 26&2 practice before attempting this class.

Heat Level:  High

Mat and Towel Required

Music:  No

Level: 3 (Intermediate)

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