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“Yoga is light, which once lit will never dim. The better you practice, the brighter the flame.”

-BKS Iyengar


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6/2 - 7/6/2024

Summer, 2024, Zeb Homison brings YF's Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training back to his home studio in Pittsburgh, PA.  Join us for this amazing 5 week, immersive training that will supercharge your practice and get you ready to step onto the podium as an official 26&2 Hot Yoga Teacher.

One of the few in person, full time, "immersion style" trainings offered, Zeb and his team will help you grow as a practicioner as well as a teacher. Training will be held 6 days per week with a full practice schedule, posture clinics, lectures on anatomy, business & ethics, yoga philosophy, and so much more.

Spaces are limited.  Don't miss your chance to be a part of this amazing experience.

This Teacher Training is registered through The Original Hot Yoga Association (OHYA) with 400hrs of Training Time.  Also, through Yoga Alliance.  After graduating you will be able to apply for your 300hr RYT certification.  It is also Part 1 of the z84 teacher training which encompasses over 600 hours of training in the Ghosh lineage of 84 asanas.



Train to teach the world famous 26&2 Original Hot Yoga Sequence. 

Top quality instructors, compassionate coaching, comprehensive dialogue, in-depth yoga philosophy...

Everything you need to become a knowledgeable, confident instructor.

Space is limited!  REGISTER NOW!







Teacher Training in the 412

June 2-July 6, 2024

Hosted at Yoga Factory in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

$500 non-refundable deposit to reserve

$4000 if signed up and paid in full by 12/31/23

$5500 from January 1, onward

A Sample Day

7.30AM - Morning Sadhana

8.30AM - Posture Clinic

10AM - Class

11.30AM - Lunch

12.30PM - Posture Clinic / Lecture

6PM - Class


TT Details

start your journey now

"I feel so fortunate to have hosted a Yoga Factory training in 2018. These teachers were taught in a professional, thorough and compassionate environment. They are now the backbone of our studio. 1/2 of our current staff. They are all “well rounded” teachers, they got a wonderful start. I’m so grateful.” 


Owner, Minneapolis Yoga

"This training brings together key aspects of yoga philosophy and a solid understanding of asana."


Teacher since 2003

"Teacher training was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. I met a wonderful group of teachers, who encouraged and prepared us every step of the way, not only to become yoga teachers, but also more thoughtful and caring people."


Teacher since 2018




"We've brought together inspiring teachers from all over to help build a curriculum that not only sets you up to be a super knowledgable teacher, but feeds your practice and your understanding of yoga..."



What should I bring?

When preparing for travel, please remember to bring with you:

● Your own yoga mat that you will use for the duration of the training
● Plenty of yoga clothes (we recommend at least 7 outfits, as you will not have time to launder daily)
● One or two nicer outfits for our opening and closing gatherings
● Notebooks, journals, your texts (see the required reading list!), and your dialogue
● Comfortable, light clothing to wear for lectures and posture clinics (you may be asked to demonstrate a
posture at any time, so always be prepared!)
● Any other small cushions or blanket you may like for lectures and postures clinics to keep you
● There will be wireless internet access available, should you choose to bring a laptop to do any work, etc.
between lectures or clinics
Towels will be provided for practicing only (not showers). These will be standard, white bath towels. If you are a
heavy sweater and require extra towels beyond that, we recommend bringing extra towels with you (2-4 are

What are my expectations as a trainee?

Etiquette is an important part of your yoga practice, and will be important to maintain and uphold for others as
you transition into the role of a teacher.

You are an example for other students in the room; practice stillness in and in between postures, maintain calm steady breath, and focus on the present moment.

Electronic devices (watches, beepers, phones, etc.) will not be permitted in classes.

You will be expected to assist with clean up after classes, and maintain the studio space as if it were your own.

You will also be expected to practice without water. This is an exercise in helping you remain present while you practice; water is a distraction. We recommend trying to practice without water, if you don’t already, for several weeks before attending teacher training.
You will also be expected to have the dialogue memorized up through and including Eagle Pose (excluding Pranayama Breathing), by the time you arrive at the teaching training, and will be assessed on this memorization very early in your training process. If you require extra time for memorization, we have a list of techniques available for you to try! We strongly recommend learning as much of the dialogue as possible before your
training begins, so that your time in training can be spent on refining your delivery and developing your leadership skills.


How does tuition work? Is there a refund policy?

Your deposit for the teacher training ($500) is nonrefundable. Please see the refund policy on the Yoga Alliance
website for more information about tuition. Payment plans are available upon request and very flexible.

All tuition must be paid in full no later than December 31, 2023 (for the early bird rate) or May 20, 2024 (for the
normal rate).


Will you provide a copy of the dialogue?

The Yoga Factory dialogue is very similar to the original dialogue created for the 26&2 series. This is the dialogue
everyone will be expected to memorize for the training. If your studio owner has any questions or concerns,

please have them send an email to discuss. Your $500 deposit is the minimum payment required in order to
receive your copy of the practice dialogue.

Do I have to prepare anything before training starts?

You will be required to document consistent practice in the original hot yoga series for the weeks leading up to
your arrival at training. Practicing this sequence twice per day can be challenging if this is not a part of your
regular routine. There are infinite ways you can practice the sequence, even if you are not close to a studio, and
Yoga Factory also offers an online library with plenty of hot yoga class options. Get creative with fitting your
practice into your day! You will appreciate this as you transition into the role of a teacher.
You will have some required reading and writing assignments to complete before your arrival at teacher training
as well. Plan accordingly and budget some time to complete these assignments thoroughly.

Where do I fly to?

Participants will fly into Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) which is 20-30 minutes from the Yoga Factory. Flights from most major U.S. cities are about $400 round trip. Arrival day is Sunday, June 2 (we recommend arriving in the morning so you
have time to settle before our initial meeting that evening), and departure day is Saturday, July 6 (we recommend departing in the afternoon / evening, as we will have morning activities scheduled).

Where will we stay?

YFTT can provide local recommendations for housing depending on your needs.

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