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Blue and White, Modern Conference Event

Michele Vennard

San Jose, CA

In her pre-yoga life, Michele was a marketing director for a line of Italian restaurants. Michele discovered Bikram yoga soon after her mother passed away from Alzheimer’s and became a certified Bikram yoga teacher in 2001. “I wanted people to find this yoga the way I did in helping me cope with such deep grief. It did that and more.”

In 2003, Michele founded Bikram Yoga San Jose with the dream to spread the benefits of Bikram Yoga to new students and to serve the diverse students that diligently practice this discipline. “Having a yoga studio gives me a chance to serve humankind but also unexpectedly filled that void in me to create connection with people. My students and staff are genuinely my family. If you come here just once, you’re wrapped up in my love, our love. It’s a place that’s truly a place of belonging. I’m so proud of that.”

Over Michele’s 23 years of teaching and 26 years of regular practice, not only has she taught thousands of students but she has also mentored teachers, coached yoga athletes, and hosted yoga competitions. In 2018, Michele became the National and International USA Yoga champion women’s 50+ division.

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